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Free download Smadav Antivirus 2014 rev. 9.7

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Download smadav antivirus 2014 rev. 9.7 latest version Free - the existence of a antivirus become point important for a for computer your so that computer is you always have a protection maximal against virus or program which do not us wills. So antivirus is absolutely necessary to your computer for always protected from various kinds of attacks and virus infections that threaten your computer.

Download Free Smadav antivirus 2014 rev. 9.7 latest version

Smadav antivirus 2014 rev. 9.7 new version. Now is already present and ready for you to download for free. Smadav 9.7 now comes with addition of 161 new virus database. With the addition of the database allows smadav antivirus 2014 rev. 9.7 more reliable in detecting a wide range of viruses that attack your computer.

Smadav antivirus retaining some of its main objectives and remain consistent to always make improvements in the latest version. Some of the features and capabilities smadav antivirus which still retained include:

- SmadAV not need updating too often, because usually smadav update latest version a few months so smadav antivirus is perfect for your computer that not connected to Internet.
- SmadAV able to detect, repair registry that marred by several types of viruses and also clean up existing viruses on the computer. As an antiviral absolutely owned this feature and should be on every antivirus. SmadAV been able to clear the virus and able to fix the registry that has been ravaged by the virus, smadav able to fix registry and currently capable of some type of virus alone.
- SmadAV is the best usb antivirus, smadav remain consistent with its mission as best usb antivirus so that future expected no more virus that attacks through media data exchange like a usb flash or other.
- SmadAV 9.7 remains compatible with other antivirus, smadav as extra protection for your computer is highly compatible with other antivirus. So you can install antivirus smadav with avira, avg, avast, kaspersky or the other. SmadAV 100% compatible with other antivirus.

SmadAV also can be used on operating system Windows 8 , smadav pro and smadav free have the same detection capabilities, so if you are a user smadav for personal use, I think smadav free is enough to meet and provide protection for your computer.

Interested to download antivirus smadav 2014 rev. 9.7 the latest version, you can download for free NOW :

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