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Free download WeChat app

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Download Free WeChat app - WeChat is a new generation of chat applications available and can be used for your smartphone. You can download free WeChat for nokia, you can also download free WeChat for android, symbian, blackberry or windows phone.

WeChat can be regarded as a medium of communication (chat) that can be used for all platforms. So, all together in an application called WeChat. WeChat appeared around 2012 and already booming today, it is a very interesting application and you need to try.

Some of the features are the mainstay of WeChat and I think it is very interesting for you to try is the Voice Messaging, Shake, Look Around, Facebook Connect, Drift Bottle, Group Chat and Emotions

- Voice messaging, using voice messaging allows you to send each sound with your friends.

- Shake is a new innovation to find a friend that you want, you just have to shake your smartphone, if still not fit / has not found suitable then you just shake again.

- Look Around, to find a friend who might be in your around

- Facebook Connect, this feature is used to connect WeChat with facebook

- Drift bottle, with it you can throw a bottle containing a message or other and can later be retrieved by your friends or even reject it.

- Group chat, with this you can mengguanakan / chat with multiple people at once.

Interested to try WeChat app, you can download it via:

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